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By Angela

5 Aug 11, 2019

Wasps nest

I contacted Peter when I discovered wasps were nesting inside one of the brick walls of my house. They were entering and leaving through a tiny hole in the masonry. Peter was terrific — on time, pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. He gave me a complete explanation of the situation and how he planned to handle it. I would strongly recommend him!
By Sonja

5 Aug 9, 2019


Here’s why I liked Power Pest Control. I had hornets building a nest over my back door. Peter Power returned my call within a reasonable time. He was friendly and made an appointment for the early evening when the hornets would be less active (the fewer angry hornets flying around, the better, I thought). Most important for me, he used the least toxic spray available on the market, as environmentally conscious as you can get in a situation like this. It killed hornets but was formulated to break down and neutralize quicker than other pesticides. I have a garden next to the spray area and there weren’t any dead bees or butterflies so he was careful using it and nothing died that shouldn’t have. My husband later told me Peter Power wore serious safety gear and I definitely respect anyone who isn’t careless with chemicals even if it is their job. I had some questions a few days after the job and he still returned my call promptly. I had been a bit worried about removing the hornets but I’d definitely call Power again.
By Angela

5 Aug 13, 2018

Great service

I was so happy to hear that my condo board decided to hire Peter to deal with the pharoah ants that were showing up in various units. He listened to the details we provided & acted accordingly based on that info. From the conversation he had with my superintendent, he had notes on each unit in the building that was being treated & the various details about how this could be contributing to the overall pest problem in the building. This unique approach wasn’t what I experienced with the huge corporate pest control companies that had been brought in previously. I’m so glad to be working with a smaller business for a more personalized and effective approach. I highly recommend Power Pest Control.
By Sydney

5 Jun 27, 2018

Great service!

Peter helped us with multiple pest problems in the past year. He's very knowledgeable and experienced. He made a few suggestions such as sealing cracks around an old window to prevent mice from entering the house. He's also professional, courteous and communicative. We are very happy to have Peter take care of our pest control need. I would highly recommend his company!
By Audrey

5 Jun 18, 2018

Carpenter Bee nest between eaves and soffit

We had the pleasure of dealing with Peter who graciously and patiently gave us enough time on the phone and in person to describe our problem, what and where it was and how he would go about resolving our issue. He is clearly very knowledgeable and told us what we did and did not have to worry about. He inspected the roof in addition to the problem area and addressed one issue we were previously unaware of. Due to weather and after assessing that the problem was not one to be overly concerned about, he recommended waiting on treatment until it was dry enough to remedy the problem efficiently. This level of honesty and integrity is rare and are traits to be recognized. He was punctual - in fact early, polite, professional and friendly. He offered solid advice on other areas requiring attention - just a really good, hardworking person. We highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you Peter!
By Lyndon

5 Jun 9, 2018

Great service

I was very pleased at the level of professionalism and the end result of the work. It was also done in a timely manner l. Very satisfied with the work. Also would recommend to a friend.
By Leslie William Cracknell

5 Jun 8, 2018

Carpenter Ant Removal

We contacted Peter Power and he responded and was at our home within 48 hours. We have not seen an ant since he was there. He also pointed out a couple of things for us to take care of to help make sure the problem did not return. Very Happy.
By Julian cover

5 May 9, 2018

Carpenter Ant removal in Toronto

I hired peter Power from Power Pest Control to deal with carpenter ants. He was very efficient in finding the nest that was located under the door at side entrance. He remove the water damaged wood and treated the area to make sure all the ants were gone. He also mentioned what steps were next so I would know what to expect next. Peter is a true professional and stands by his word. Thank you for helping us with our ant problem.